annual report and publication design

It's annual report season. Are you ready to wow your stakeholders?


Origami Graphics specialises in professional annual reports and publications. When you work with me, you guarantee a professional look, impressed readers, and a boost to your business reputation.

The annual report design process is thorough, often taking upwards of 50 hours. It includes document setup, custom graphics and infographics, setup of margins and columns, type selection and typesetting, sourcing and placement of photographs, and optimisation for print and screen.

You can expect:

  • A thoughtfully-designed annual report design or publication design catered to your organisation

  • Custom graphics, graphs and diagrams

  • Professional layout and typesetting

  • High-resolution imagery

  • All setup completed correctly, so that the annual report can go straight to print

  • Affordability from lower overheads and by-the-page pricing


Origami Graphics can also produce WCAG-compliant PDFs on request.

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Why You Need a Custom Report Design

There is no comparison between an annual report handcrafted by a graphic designer, and one put together in Microsoft Word or Canva. If you're a business, your professionalism is at stake. The look and feel of your annual report publication - the size of the pages, the cover design, the margin spacing, the font choices - can actively change how people perceive your business and whether or not they choose to trust you.

Above all else, professional graphics such as graphs and diagrams can really help communicate to your stakeholders that you are on top of your game and willing to make the best investments possible for your business or organisation. 

How it Works

  • I'll send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your design needs

  • I'll develop a quote by looking at your manuscript, the amount of pages, the complexity of the content, whether or not illustrations or graphics are needed, and your desired outcomes

  • I'll send over a design brief, including finalised quote, for you to read over and agree to

  • You'll pay a 35% deposit

  • Once the brief is agreed to and deposit is paid, design commences in Adobe InDesign

  • I'll design a few pages and send these over for approval before applying the style to the entire piece

  • You get to give feedback on what you like and don't like, and I'll take that on board before I continue at every stage

  • Finalised annual report is sent via e-mail or Dropbox, with print-ready and web-optimised versions saved

Ready to go, or just have some questions to ask? Why not send me an email for a chat about the job?