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What sort of pricing should I expect?

My cheapest offerings - flyers and small posters - start from about $300. Logo and style guide packages range between $500 and $1500. Simple websites and publications will be $2000 or under, while more complex websites and long reports can be $5000 or more. Please let me know what your budget is when enquiring so that I can tailor your quote to your needs.


I don't know if we're right for each other.

No service is for everyone. If you're ambitious, creative, willing to invest money in your dreams, and good at communicating - OR, a government organisation or not-for-profit needing custom work from an individual, then you're right for me. If you want quality, a personal touch to your design, and a well-thought out solution that takes a few weeks and drafts to truly nail, then I'm right for you. If you're after a quick fix, a very cheap solution, or a designer you don't need to talk to frequently and clearly -  then we are not the right fit.

I think you’re too expensive.

Remember that good graphic design is an investment in the health of your business. You are making your business look professional and trustworthy, and you are attracting the right people to you for headache-free work. The money isn’t going away, it’s simply being put to good use to draw in more money later. We also can discuss a payment plan, but if you truly think I’m too expensive for you, I recommend looking for an alternative designer.


I think you’re too cheap.

My prices are what I’m comfortable with based on my regular clients and my expenses, but I’m happy to negotiate a higher rate if you’d like to pay me more to book out a highly-focused custom project.


I’m scared this is going to be wrong for me after I commit, and I won't be able to back out.

I accept cancellations with a 15% cancellation fee to cover the lost booking, as long as you pay for the work I’ve done up until that point. If there are extenuating circumstances, I might even waive the fee. Just communicate with me and let me know. You can find more info in my Terms and Conditions.


I’m worried I’m not going to be taken care of properly and I’ll be wasting my money and go broke.

I really want you to trust me here – I got into graphic design to help people’s dreams come true and use my exceptional creative skills to inject flair and excitement into the world. I also take care of my clients like my friends because they’re helping me live my own dreams. You may discover that we’re not the right mix, and that’s fine, you can move on to someone else next time – but one thing you shouldn’t be worried about is being taken care of.


I don’t think I need a logo.

I cannot think of a business that does not have a logo. Can you? It’s how you set yourself apart and communicate your brand values to your client. It’s the first step in your customer’s process of recognising and trusting you. One day, your logo might be as well-known and sought-after as Nike’s. I really implore that you don’t skip this branding step.

I don’t think your websites are techy enough for me. I need something created from scratch with code.

We've got two options here: I can refer you to a web developer for design and construction, or I can design the visual look of your website which you can take to a developer of your choice.


I can just make a website myself somewhere like Wix or Shopify.

Go for it – if you need help, I can help you out with tweaks and changes for $50 per hour.


It’s not the right time – money is too tight.

When deciding if you want to invest money in a designer, there are a couple of things to consider. The first is whether it will earn you more money in the future – and the result is usually a resounding yes. The second is if you can actually afford it right now. If you truly cannot afford to hire me at the moment, I recommend jumping on my e-mail list so you stay in touch for future opportunities. We can also discuss a payment plan so that you can pay in smaller instalments.


I’m worried my business is going to fail and this service will leave me in debt.

You are more likely to fail if you don’t take the risks you need to become a better business. Good design and a well-thought out branding strategy are one of the first considerations you should be making.

I can publish my book myself. I don’t need a professional designer to set it up for me.

That’s your own choice, but please make sure you research the psychological theory behind cover design, typography, spacing, contrast, and margin sizes before you go ahead. These are all things designers take into account when typesetting a book because it makes a huge difference to the overall reading experience. I also recommend using Adobe InDesign rather than something like Notes or Word, as it will give you a much more professional look and it’s much easier to export for eReaders like the Kindle.

If you've got any other questions, just send me an e-mail - I'm more than happy to talk it out.