Why I love working for small businesses

Every so often, I'll pause and consider why I'm running my own little business instead of getting a 9-5 job elsewhere. When you're someone's employee, your income is always going to be steadier and your life more predictable - but you miss out on flexibility, on learning experiences, and on a different type of personal growth. Here are my three favourite things about working with similar people like me - solo entrepreneurs and small business owners.

1. You're helping people's dreams come true

This is my reason for doing what I do. There is nothing like seeing a client beaming because you've exceeded their expectations, or reading a rave review someone's posted on your Facebook page because you've helped to make their dream idea a reality. It's just the best feeling - and it's something I couldn't get if I were in an agency, unable to make executive creative decisions, and either working for well-established, large companies or doing the same type of job over and over again in-house.

2. You can share ideas and referrals

A good deal of my clients become useful contacts and provide flow-on referrals. By working with a range of different people all around Australia, I've been able to network and gain insight into new ideas and useful resources. Not only that, but working with someone who's also turning their idea into a career is going to give you an opportunity to share your highlights, your struggles, and your strategies. This benefit becomes even more pronounced when I'm contracting for another business - designing websites for a developer, for example, gives me an insight into their job and the technology they use, allowing me to integrate that thinking into my own work.

3. You make friends

Working with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners means all your interactions are very human. Your meeting might be a coffee at your local cafe or perhaps a Zoom meeting from their living room. Many a laugh is shared over the phone and we chat about how our Christmases were. It's not often that you'll walk away from a project without thoroughly getting to know the person, their hopes and dreams, and the way they see the world - and that can make for a pretty cool friendship.

Do you run a small business? What's your favourite thing about the job? Get in touch and let me know.