Welcome to the 2020 Pricing Guide

I've just redone and uploaded Origami Graphics' pricing guide for 2020. There are a few changes in this document which you might like to know about as we enter into the new year. The three big ones are:

  • Project descriptions now feature a timeline section. You can read the document and know from the outset how much you'll be spending and how long the process will take.

  • I've amended my three signature packages (Logo + Biz Card, Small Business Startup, and Complete Package) to include more features. You'll now receive a Style Guide with each of these packages, and the Complete Package contains almost every service I offer in a single bundle.

  • I'm now offering WordPress websites.

You can download the pricing guide from the Pricing & Quotes page.

I'm looking forward to a huge 2020 after a hectic six months - but for now it's time for a break. I'll be closing for business on December 13 and reopening in early January.

Here's to the new decade.