My Favourite SEO Tool

Anything which is cost effective but does the job well is a complete gem in the business world. This SEO tool from Neil Patel is no exception. I'm sharing it with you today to help you get on top of your site's SEO (and hopefully, rank higher on Google as a result!).

This is it: The SEO Analyzer.

What this tool does is scans your website and identifies issues with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) - for example, your website is too slow, your titles are too long, you have broken links or you are missing heading tags. It then presents it to you in a very neat little table alongside a rating of how much these issues are affecting your ranking on Google. It's great! I've used it for a couple of weeks, have fixed most of the issues it's alerted me to, and I've jumped up a search page as a result.

This doesn't replace a SEO specialist - some/many of your SEO issues will require your webmaster to log in and tweak for you, and others are an easy fix but will require lots of time and energy you mightn't have. This analyzer doesn't fix, either - it is simply diagnostic. But that makes it a great starting point you can present to your web person so that they don't have to spend hours scouring through and looking for the problems. I do find that it's sometimes delayed - try giving it a week after you update your site then go back and search again.

See what you think!