Cards always have some kind of sentimental element, so designing them for people brings me great joy. Whether yours is for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or funeral, you're sure to walk away with something truly special.

Single-sheet Designs

Invitations printed on single sheets of card are the simplest and most affordable stationery project Origami offers. These invitations can be customised with an infinite number of designs, patterns, and fonts, and I can work with a printer to achieve foil or embossing effects.


Custom Format Designs

Would you like a card which folds out, has multiple pages or is perhaps made of differently-textured layers? Let me know and we can design something in any shape, colour and texture you can imagine. 

Origami Graphics can facilitate printing and delivery with select providers for an extra fee. Keen to talk pricing? Head over to the Pricing & Quotes page to submit an enquiry.

card & invitation design

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Taylor Eggleton

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