book design and illustration

Origami Graphics specialises in book design, book cover design, and typesetting for novels, books, photobooks, and eBooks. When you choose to work with me, you're dramatically increasing the quality of your dream book and investing in your readers' experiences. All of that directly translates to more profit from your hard work.

You can expect:

  • A book design crafted completely from scratch

  • Clean, readable typography and spacing with fonts chosen to suit your book

  • Custom layout and margin setup completed thoughtfully

  • Custom book cover design and illustrations (if needed)

  • Print-ready setup, so your book is ready to go to press as soon as we're done.


I understand that many aspiring novelists may be tight on cash, so I price by the page - ensuring that you're only paying for what you need. Your investment grants you full access to professional book design, including layout and typesetting in industry-leading program Adobe InDesign; hand-drawn and completely-custom illustrations; a huge variety of stock images; and personally-tailored print and eBook setup.

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Why You Need a Professional Book Design

There is no comparison between a book design handcrafted by a graphic designer, and one put together in Microsoft Word. This is because the look and feel of your book - the size of the pages, the cover design, the margin spacing, even the font choices - will actively change the way people feel, think and imagine when they are reading. It is the difference between a real, professional novel and a homemade job. 

For example, did you know that book margins have to be different sizes on the inside and outside of the pages to allow for part of the page to be sucked into the spine during binding, and to account for the reader's thumb holding the outside edge of the page without blocking text?

How it Works

  • I'll send you a questionnaire so I can get to know you and your design needs

  • I'll develop a quote by looking at your manuscript, the amount of pages, the complexity of the content, whether or not illustrations or graphics are needed, and your desired outcomes

  • I'll send over a design brief, including finalised quote, for you to read over and agree to

  • You'll pay a 35% deposit

  • Once the brief is agreed to and deposit is paid, design commences in Adobe InDesign

  • I'll design a few pages and send these over for approval before applying the style to the entire piece

  • You get to give feedback on what you like and don't like, and I'll take that on board before I continue at every stage

  • This process generally takes between 2 weeks and several months depending on the type of publication and number of pages. A simple report will be closer to 2 weeks, a large annual report or novel may take about a month, and a fully-illustrated picture book may take up to 5 months.

Keen to get started, or just have some questions? Why not send me an e-mail so we can chat in more detail?