Your new favourite Canberra graphic design boutique.

Because there's more than one way to turn paper into art. Welcome to Origami Graphics -  you've come to the right place for professional and fully custom graphic design that will boost your reputation, encourage customer trust, and ultimately earn you more money.

who am I?

I'm Taylor, a Canberra graphic designer, freelance visual artist, and business owner. My business Origami Graphics specialises in professional graphic design Australia-wide - contracting for small businesses, Government agencies, and web developers. My services include:

If you've got an idea for an exciting, creative new business or personal project, need extra help setting up your visual presence, or need to refresh your existing business branding so it's more in line with the values you care about, I'd love to chat with you about how we can take things to the next level. But there's a catch - I can only work with about 8 clients per month, so get in quick to secure your spot!

Tiamat Lures logo design by Origami Graphics
Cardus Consulting website design by Origami Graphics

How am I different?

I'm passionate about graphic design, but I'm also passionate about undertaking my work ethically. I'm the kind of person who will voluntarily take a pay cut if it means I'm doing the right thing by the people I'm serving.


Here are the values that inform my work and will drive our business relationship:

  • I don't cap revisions on design - we set a timeframe for your project and you've got unlimited revisions within that timeframe. I made this decision because it's important to me that my clients love their designs and my job is done as thoroughly as possible. I don't think it's right that clients who are proactive, articulate and passionate are stuck with the same number of revisions as people who consider their branding an afterthought.

  • I make all my designs from scratch, unless you like the look of an existing template. For me, it's non-negotiable that all my clients have bespoke graphic design solutions that suit their vision.

  • If you're getting a website designed, I don't stick to one web builder - you can choose a solution that suits you whether that's a simple drag-and-drop site like Wix, a site on a big e-commerce builder like Shopify, or a WordPress site with full capabilities.

  • I use virtually no paper, work primarily remotely (even before covid!), and store all records securely via electronic means. This gets me as close as possible to having a zero-carbon design business. It also means I can offer services at up to a quarter of the price of design agencies without cutting any quality out.

  • My services are fairly and affordably priced - and I break down the pricing of all of my offerings in my pricing guide. This will help you make the best investment possible.

Sound good to you? Get in touch to get a quote, have a chat about your needs, or get started on your dream project!